4867 West Lake Road

Dunkirk NY




Gift Certificates

You can purchase gift cards for your friends and family to put towards a piercing or tattoo! They make great birthday or Christmas gifts, as they can wear their gift for the rest of their life!


If you are thinking you would like to purchase one of our gift cards, you just need to stop in and ask for one. We accept cash or card.

If you know which artist the receiver of the gift card will be going to, it's much easier but not required.

You can check our artists and their artwork by clicking here.


If you are unsure of what amount would be best, a minimum of $20 is recommended. At least with a $20 gift card, they can put that down for their initial deposit towards their tattoo!


If you are thinking for a piercing, click here for piercing prices and information.


Store hours are 12-7pm. Tuesday through Saturday, so stop by anytime to grab up your gift cards! Be sure to check in during holidays to see if we have any specials!