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4867 West Lake Road

Dunkirk NY




Walk Ins & Waiting Lists

Unfortunately, Due to COVID-19 walk-in Fridays have been cancelled until further notice! 

There may come a time that the artist you wish to get tattooed by is unavailable to take anymore appointments. This is typical towards the end of the year, as they book up very fast!

In this case you may want to consider getting on their waiting list.


If on the other hand you were hoping to be a walk in, there are some things you must understand first.

Fridays are first come, first serve, so feel free to stop on by or even call the shop to see when there should be an open spot.


Walk in tattoos cannot be big and complicated. This is because the artist will need time to draw up your design , fit your design to you, make a stencil, do paperwork, and set up before even beginning the tattooing process.




The next option is to be put on an artist's call in/waiting list. These are different from walk ins, as the artist has more freedom to decide where your design will fit into their schedule. They will also have all the information and reference artwork already available to them, as you will have to provide it as you are getting your name on the list. Again, it is much easier to get called in if the design is more on the simple side.

You will be asked for your name, phone number, your availability, details about the tattoo, any reference photos, and which artist you wish to have. (You can choose to have any of them if you wish.)


When and if the artist you choose gets an opening that they can fit you in, they will call you. Keep in mind that there are other people on the list too, so the time it could take is undetermined.


For more complex designs, we would highly recommend you set up a regular appointment. Not only will this ensure that you will get your tattoo, it is a date set aside just for you and your artist will plan and prepare for it. For scheduling information, click here.


If the artist you choose is booked up for the entire year, we will either ask you to wait until next year to make your appointment, or we can take your name and number down to call you when they get a new calendar.


For our hours and contact info, click here.


As a side note:


We get very busy and we try our best to get everyone in here to get their tattoos. We want everyone to be happy and to have the best quality tattoos that we can provide. Sometimes people are in a rush to just get in here and get their tattoos done right then and there. This is not how it usually works, as much as we wish we could just stamp them on your skin and send you on your way.


Tattoos are very personal and permanent. You are getting a unique piece of art, hand drawn just for you. While we welcome you to add yourself to our waiting list, we encourage your patience to set an appointment and just wait for your day. This will give you time to know for sure that this is what you want, and to change any little details. You will get to enjoy the process and you will then have it for the rest of your life. It is more than worth the wait!


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